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Horse HP on SLOT signs: should this be a thing?

Yes 14 vote(s) 93.3%
No 1 vote(s) 6.7%
  1. Hello everyone,
    Have you ever tried to buy a high HP horse on a shop and couldn't, because the SLOT sign just won't tell you the health stat? Probably not, as most people don't even care about that :D. But well, I have.

    I play at the frontier and high health horses are important to me, so I've been breeding them for a while. Now I've made a horse section on my shop but can't add them there, as there is no way for a player to check the health stat of a horse on the SLOT sign (like you would do with speed and jump). I know that other horse breeders, like MrsWishes, also have these horses for sale and just don't display them on their shops because of this issue.

    Isn't it weird that one stat is just excluded, as if it was not important at all when we're deciding to buy a horse? It's like arbitrarily not showing certain enchantments on an item you're going to buy, it doesn't make sense!

    The solution is simple: just add the health stat to SLOT signs! I don't see any reason for it not being there already. I know not everyone cares about HP, but it wouldn't hurt anyone and for those who do it'd really help. What do you guys think?
  2. If it's do-able then it definitely should be a thing!
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  3. You are preaching to the choir dude.
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  4. Sounds good.
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  5. You never know, there're always those people who disagree just because.
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  6. You can put a preview sign on the chest with the buy sign above the chest like normal (so 2 signs). This will allow the customer to see all the stats on the chest. I do have preview signs on a few of my for sale chests but not all because I have over a 100 for sale chests for horses.

    I do agree that is would be nice for all 3 stats to be shown when clicking to buy on a slot sale sign.
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  7. Well, yeah... if this is possible without too much hassle (which I suppose it is), why would anyone be against it? :p
  8. I'm with ya. Right now I only list by speed for my horses, mules, and donkeys. Having the stats appear automatically would be nice.
  9. A+, even thought I don't Buy/Sell horses/donkeys.
  10. Wait I thought it did...

    EDIT: It does, just not the health.
  11. I disagree because... reasons.
  12. It just isn't displaying the full lore in the chat message. Temp. Fix will likely go with 1.9 update. Better slot sign messages and system may/ may not come with that update. It is a huge animal, that I don't think I have time for right now. So just patching a broken system for now.
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  13. I don't really understand what you mean with this, can you explain this a little more? Thanks. :)
  14. Dont even have to do that with the new preview flag.

    First you set the flag, then at res main have a sign telling people they can view the horses in the chest with /togglepreview. :)
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  15. the stuff under the name is called the lore, basicly the speed/jump/hp stuff

    EDIT: stonesky hmph... they are doing weird stuff and not using the whole horse lore
  16. I think Tom was referring to the entire statement, not the lore part. :p
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