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  1. I am hiring someone to get me villagers with these trades:

    Best Mending Trade - x1
    Best Fortune Trade III - x1
    Best Efficiency Trade V - x1
    Best Unbreaking III Trade - x1
    Best Silk Touch Trade - x1

    I can pay 1 minecon earth t-shirt or more. I have everything set up on my res and I will provide the villagers, please comment if interested.
  2. I am not understanding. Let me get this straight. You want villagers. You want someone to hang out at your res while the villagers do their thing (if you know what I mean) and then egg them for you. And you will pay in enchanted books and a minecon shirt. I'm probably way off.

    For the value of a minecon shirt you could buy a basket full of villagers. I sell them for 45r each at 10959. I'll trade you a cruise ship full of villagers for the minecon shirt. Case closed.
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  3. My understanding from their post, is they will give you villager spawn eggs for you to sit at their res and spawn villagers for them, until you get villagers with the listed specific trades.

    They will pay you with a Minecon T-Shirt (or possibly more) for completing this job.

    Edit: Also moved this thread to the "Player Jobs Available" section ;)
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  4. It also means that you have to not only spawn villagers but also trade with them because, correct me if im wrong. You arent going to get any of those trades for the first trade, so youll have to trade with them to unlock the other levels of trade. So i think he/she wants you to:

    1. spawn villagers
    2. trade with them
    3. find specific trades/sort them
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  5. I think they all are first, if not I would supply materials to trade
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  6. I believe they have an equal chance to be first as well as in a locked trade. Technically a librarian could sell 3 different mending book trades for the same price.
  7. Free to use villager trade centre at smp6 /v 13131
  8. Thanks but I would like to have my own villagers
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  9. I can do villagers... Recently had to troubleshoot my own res village.
    If you still want help, let me know.