[Hiring] Teleport Maker (75k+ for services)

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  1. Hello, I am making an event called the Tunnel of Terror. While the arena has been constructed, I still need to place teleport signs so players can respawn in a designated area rather than be stuck in all the water. Your job is to place teleport signs around the entire arena, Im looking for a maximum of 5 people, who will each get paid 75k. If I have fewer than 5 people, your pay raise will go up a few 10k. Please PM me if interested, I need this done ASAP!
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  2. How many signs are you needing?
  3. I have the signs, it's just the process of placing them down in a LARGE area. Like, this arena is in a Utopia res, and takes up most of it's space
  4. I think but I may be wrong you can set a tripwire over the whole floor on top of a sign and it’ll work
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  5. That’s correct
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  6. If you're trying to do what I think you're trying to do, let me warn you about the dangers of too many signs.

    You see, signs seem like they are harmless on their own. However, when you get too many of them together, they get kind of excited. The more you have, the more excited they get. When they get excited, they tend to cause your FPS to drop. You may not notice it with a small group of signs, but once you have a whole herd of them, your Minecraft game turns into a PowerPoint slideshow.

    How do I know this? Well, when Toade and I were designing the "Tunnel of Love" event, our first thought was to use signs under the water to teleport players out when they got out of their boat. It wasn't until we had BigDavie use his magical SS powers to spawn in a few hundred signs that we realized the danger we had brought into our Tunnel of Love.


    TL;DR: Be careful how many signs your placing, they can be really laggy if there are too many.
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  7. i can help :)
  8. I'm very grateful you gave me this insight, as Tunnel of Terror is a carbon copy of the Tunnel of Love. I appreciate the info!
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  9. If you all are capable of doing what KermitDie said earlier, I'll be sending you a PM soon, just let me know if you're up for it