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  1. Hello wonderful emc, today i have a proposition.
    i need someone to make my 2nd res look like a mountain area. it needs to look like a fresh wilderness, ready to play on. i will supply blocks and pay 5k, or if you do supply materials i will pay you 8k. for an added 2k, you can build a run down village in one part and a jungle in the other.
  2. hehehe...
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  3. Is it a regular residence? Because otherwise I don't see how there would be enough room.
  4. uh oes...
  5. there will be. i had one of my reses like that but i reseted it. hence this thread
  6. Eclipsys is designing and building residence at these prices
    Single Residence - YOU Supply - 55,000R
    Single Residence - HE Supply - 75,000R
    I know it's a little bit more than you asked, but he is really worth it, ;-)
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  7. woah... ohh dear... i could just get a mod to worldedit it for that price... did i mention i don't need it to be full? i just need the shell
  8. Yea.. he is
  9. i just can't afford it : (
  10. I'm saving up for him myself :)
  11. how long ya saving, more or les than a month : )
  12. less really... not gonna take that long
  13. i can get rupees really fast if i want them
  14. I'll do this job i guess, tomarrow though
  15. Just get a dc of quartz blocks. Instant richness.
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  17. 1. How big do you want it(hight,length,width)
    2. Can you increase the payment? If so how much
    3. How long can it take for someone to build it
  18. Ermagherd, great! i might not be on, tho... school...
  19. whtever looks good, 2000r, any mount of time
    2 people at the same time would be awesome
  20. Ok, I can do it. Look at private message