[Hiring] Enchanters

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  1. Hello everyone! Most of you guys know that I am the proud owner of the Aquarium over on Utopia! But I am currently in need of some assistance! I need an enchanter! This job is actually quiet simple... I provide you the armor and the books... you provide me the XP XD!

    I am currently setting up chests for items I need enchanted (it will probably be a lot!) so I need all the enchanters I can get! :)

    PAYMENT: Payment can be a little bit confusing... if you go and check out my shop I have prices set up for particular items already :). I will pay you half of what I have placed on the signs... for example... if I am selling an enchanted diamond axe for 1k... I will pay you 500r for enchanting one for me. If my shields are 250r, I will pay you 125r for every one you get done :)

    Please shoot me a PM so I can give you chest access on my residence on 4102. :) I will need to give you an access chest so you can place enchanted gear in them (this will also be my way of paying you when I check these chests XD).

    Please PM me here on forums, leave a comment, or message me in game so I can get you set up or if you have any questions! <3
  2. The shop signs have been updated to allow selling! For higher-priced items such as elytras and tridents, the shop purchasing price has been updated to a competitive 86% of the selling price.

    Get out there and make some rupees, y'all!
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  3. i enchant and you sell it....
    the shop issues are yours only....
    actually seems a fair trade, as that is at least half the headache :p
  4. I'll set up access when I hop on later <3!