[Hiring] Digging Layers

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Do you think 1.7 will be realesed today or in the next week?

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  1. I want some space in my res in order to make some farms, so I'm hiring people to dig on my residence.
    Price: you can PM me in order to discuss the price
    Materials: I've lot's of diamond shovels' so don't worry
    Res: 10823 in Smp5

    *I'm only picking one person at a time*
    *At least 5 layers that you can dig*
    *The number of layers deermine the amount of time I'm going to allow (I want them as fast as I can)*

    If the job was started, but It wasn't finished then I'll have to give you the amount of money per layer - 50r per number of layers not digged
  2. The max numbers of layers that can be digged will be 20, after that I'll not hire anymore
  3. Don't forget - you can (or could) pay 60k to get your entire Residence emptied of dirt by Staff.
  4. I don't want that many of layers, and also I don't have 60k of rupees