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  1. Hi, I am currently working on digging out a 60x60x7 layer on my alt's residence, Ixlemort. It is on smp7, and I am wanting to hire one or two diggers to well, dig it out. I will be paying a total of 1000r, so if two people do it, they each get 500r. There will be a 200r bonus for completion before the end of this Friday. Also, I have hidden a iron block in the dirt, so one of the diggers will find a little bonus. However, shovels will not be provided, so bring your own. (I will pay for the vault fee if your coming from another smp.)

    Digger 1:
    Digger 2:

    Please post on the forum if interested, first two to apply get it.

    I retain the right to not hire you even if you apply.
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  2. I might do this, cannot make any promises
  3. Okay, well if you want to, contact me and I will get you set up with flags and everything.
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  4. Bump
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  5. I'll dig it out.
  6. Okay, I'll take the job.
  7. Also, the job has been half completed at this point, so the pay for finishing is now 500r.

    Please post on here the time you will be getting on today and what timezone, and I will get on at the same time to get you set up.
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  8. Expect a time tomorrow, Saturday 15th December, 4-7PM GMT
  9. Actually, we finished the job today. Sorry bout that.
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  10. It's fine, assuming Aikar hasn't already destroyed the economy I'll find another job ;)