[HIRING] 3D Minecraft Art Creator

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  1. I'm looking to hire someone to recreate the following game character in 3D! I would like it to fill my entire res on SMP2

    Materials will be provided
    Pay negotiable
    Players banned from doing this: kevdudeman, eklektoi, jcplugs, itsmematheus, dark_matheus, wcg_elite
  2. wha?
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  3. PandasEatRamen's sister does 2D wool art. You could ask if she will do 3D.
  4. They're banned because Kev said he'd do it for 2r and then he and the rest of the people banned trolled me and built a 5x5x7 one smoking a cigar and it looked absolutely ridiculous.

    @Hylian Who is Panda's sister?
  5. britbrit3197 EDIT: Sorry i'm not hylian :oops:
  6. :rolleyes:
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  7. Sorry lol, I laughed my head off at that.
    If I ever saw that, I think I'd still be laughing now.
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  8. kinda like the at the end of this video?:
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  9. Almost exactly golfer. Just his eyes a bit smaller and his mouth bigger, as if he is sucking something in
  10. I would legitmitly love to build this for you.
    But I would also like to point out that only one of the "Banned" players had build the rest were just watching .-.
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  11. <------

    And kirby, don't ban the other 3 because of this. They didn't do anything, they didn't even have build.
  12. Best... Day... Ever!
  13. i lol'd :)
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  14. Agreed.
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  15. JC do you ACTUALLY think you could ACTUALLY build this?
  16. I think she could
  17. Most likely:)
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