[Hiring] 3 positions!

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  1. Hey everyone! Lately, I have been posting A Lot, what I mean by that is way too much. The reason for this is that school's starting in a couple weeks, and that basically creates a deadline for me to get some stuff done here on EMC. This will be one of the last threads I create in a long time (the last one will be my supply company sometime in the near future). I recently reset my res so I can rebuild, and I'm hiring some "employees" so I can try to get this done soon. Here are the available positions.
    Redstone Technician(1) To build an auto wheat farm and a cobble gen.
    Res Digger(1) To dig out a 60x60 room in the underground part of my res, which I'll use for farming.
    Shop Builder(1) To help build my new and more updated shop.
    Please respond in this thread if you are interested in any of these positions, you would be a great help to me.
  2. for the redstone stuff will you supply?
  3. No Prob!
  4. I can help with the shop / redstone
  5. Yes I have all the redstone in the world, so I'll supply for that. Somebody121, I'll hire you for the redstone stuff. Sam, is doing the shop building all right for you?
  6. Ok guys. I wanted to let you know that I might be able to get on for a little while tonight, which means you can start working tonight if you want too. Somebody121, one if the first things we need is the cobble gen built, and Sam and I can build the first floor of the shop. Also, I am sort of in a situation involving this auction I started a little while ago, and that is my very first priority this evening to get it sorted out. So if you guys come in tonight, we'll all have jobs to do, and you'll make some good rupees.
  7. I can do redstone very well. I have done many different kinds of wheat and cobble gens. They can range from easy and most practicle to complex and cool. What kind were you looking for?
  8. Hey jug its me again! I will gladly build your shop. I am a great shop builder and a good architect. Pm me if u want me to help. Thanks.