High Voting Rewards; Disappointment?

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  1. This may just be the greed in me speaking but, has anybody else kind of been disappointed when they vote for a large consecutive number of days (for my example, this occurred at vote bonus 86) and you get a vote bonus in the mail that turns out to be a lot less than what you were hoping for?

    My automatic reaction when I got a vote bonus was; "Yay! Free stuff!" but now, I don't have that same reaction until I actually open the mail.

    The reason being is because, after making sure I vote every single day, putting a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that says "VOTE FOR EMC" in big bold letters, and setting a reminder at 9:00 p.m. every day on my phone just to vote for EMC, kind of seems like a waste of effort when in the mail I get an entire ... 1 diamond.

    Now, a lot of people would make the argument; "But it's a free diamond, why are you complaining?!" or "A lot of poor players would love to get that free diamond!" And this is all true, but, those poor players have the ability to vote, and since they don't, they have no right to complain about not getting the diamond.

    What I'm suggesting is, somehow modify the vote bonuses so they reward something a little more than just 1 diamond or 1 emerald at the higher numbers. Maybe something like challenge tokens?

    I don't know, again, this may just be the inner Greed in me speaking.
  2. I often get multiple diamonds or emeralds and I am at day bonus 46
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  3. I disagree. Yeah it's just one diamond each time, but that adds up really quick. I've gotten almost 100k, almost 2 stacks of diamonds, a stack and a half of emeralds, and a cool set of armor just from voting. I think that's more than enough, if anything the rewards are a bit much. It's not like voting really is all that difficult :p
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  4. ooh, just you wait until you get 100 vote streak :p your tone might just change

    But in really, the vote streaks and rewards and rewards have come a very wrong way since the days of old.
    When you take the 1700r daily, diamonds, emeralds, and special items of now and compare it to when there was only 3 voting sites for a maximum of 100r a day and streaks weren't even invented yet, you can see that we are being quite generous :)

    Also, 86 is bit of an odd streak to get high rewards on, to my knowledge, they come at 85, 90 etc.
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  5. Speaking from experience, there are a couple 'jackpot' days you will hit where you will say 'wow'.
    I voted back when there were no 'rewards' other than the 100 rupee bonus per site, and when missing a vote would actually give a harsh penalty.

    Plus you forgot the best reward,... helping EMC grow! :)
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  6. Voting is not all that hard, you do it for EMC and if you do not want to help EMC then it is not compulsory anyway :p
    Jackpots come at certain stages. For example, twenty votes and you get your very special, custom Voter Boots! When you get to about 60, I think the set is complete. Every twenty votes, regardless of being 20, 40, 60 and so on, you always get a Vault Voucher. They are good money, or they are useful to you if you are not supporter. Every fifty votes and you get a Stable Voucher. Again, a bit of money on the side unless you want to use it. I have gotten so many diamonds and emeralds from voting, I make them into blocks and keep them back for when I need them, they can come in handy and come on, someone always wants ores and minerals! At 100 you get your certificate, I will not say much about that because you may perhaps want to have it as a surprise but after that the minerals and vouchers keep on going and your rupee bonus gets bigger as your streak does. I mean, it can get massive.

    Voting is a great feature and now we have all of this stuff, it is more to be excited with than disappointed. There are other voting rewards in the queue for adding too, so if you are fed up of all those lovely minerals, vouchers and the big money, soon there will be more for you to collect too :)

    Hopefully this changes your tune or helps toward it? I just put a note on my keyboard when I go to bed, so that when I get on my PC the next day I vote and keep the note on my bed ready to put on my keyboard again when I go to sleep. Simple, huh? :p It seems like effort at start, but it kind of becomes.. routine. Good day!
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  7. I agree with FDNY21. After 50 days of voting it becomes a routine, and you want to do it because there are massive rupee bonuses.
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  8. I think that the rewards for voting are great but I would love to see tokens added because I am terrible at fighting... and very good at dying while fighting. I would like to see some other way to earn tokens soon. Its okay to me that the bonus are usually a diamond, it makes the jackpot bonus seem really special. I think the voting rewards are big enough to keep me voting plus I like helping to advertise EMC.
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  9. As for the ruppes, admittedly I only vote on TopG every day so I usually only get 300 >.> I have too low an attention span to vote on all of them.

    As for the 100 vote bonus mentioning from RainbowChin ... 11 more days x.x
  10. I only vote for the first two. Every now and again i vote for them all.
  11. I actually thought one diamond so often was a bit much... I liked it when it were just rupees, but at least I don't think that there's not enough. I would like more special items though, because it seems like that you don't get anything anymore after 100 days. (I mean items like the voters armor, which I do really like)
  12. Trust me when you're up in the 100s and you just vote to vote at this point, still pulling a couple diamonds/emeralds a day at no extra cost, there's definitely nothing wrong :) And some days like 100, 150, etc are absolutely killer :D
  13. I got 31k today as a 150 streak.
  14. They took down my favorite voting site where the captcha was only 4 characters that you can easily see :\ It was the second to last on the old list
  15. minecraft-servers.info

    The only reason why I had the motivation to vote was this website, as it was easy and only 4 easy letters. It's getting a tad ridiculous with like 5 abstract pictures that you have to look at in all sorts of angles to figure out.. I blame Confident Technologies for the crappy vote systems >D:
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  16. Don't you like the things where you have to click pictures with things like "the person", "the car" and "the toys and games"?
  17. I don't know if I'm the only one running into this problem but at times I get ones that ask for a skyscraper where the only thing remotely close to a skyscraper is something like this.. Having to click really skewed interpretations of abstract ideas over and over again is quite annoying. It's only clear what it is like 50% of the time, at least when I do it.

    It could always just be the society that I consider myself a part of, where as our interpretation of 'toys and games' would be like a handheld console or at most a football. They show things like backgammon boards which I didn't know existed until I had to complete such Captchas.
  18. Plus the fact that most of the picture captchas are so slow.
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  19. I don't like when the ads auto play with sound and I get blasted by some ad about car insurance.
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  20. But don't we all want to listen to ads that we don't pay attention to anyways?
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