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  1. Hey EMC Players!!

    I was just wondering what is the Max Exp you can have!


    From Zaccyboy23
  2. Thanks Kirby!!!
  3. What's the highest enchantment you can do on an Enchantment Table??
  4. Used to be 50, now it's 30 :)
  5. Oh man only 30!
  6. Well...you can GET 999 levels worth of XP. You can only enchant with 30 though.
  7. 999 isn't the max btw. There is no max currently. Unless they changed it in 1.3+ I was in 1.2.5 and someone asked this question, so I went to SPC and kept giving myself xp. I got to 10800xp levels and gave up lol.
  8. In a private server I used some /xpcomments, I got to 90000 ormsomething :D
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  9. Level 30 will give you the same enchants as the previous 50. However, if you have anything over 30, it will not be recalculated as before. Ie) if you have 35 xp, you will have 5 after a level 30 enchant. In the past, the game would recalculate and your level would be slightly higher.
  10. Cause i have like 50 EXP!!! Thanks Guys for helping me out!! But 1 more question i really want a Silk Touch Unbreaking Pick get any tips in how to get 1?
  11. I believe that the level 50 and the now 30 level are different, back when it was 50 you didn't get as good of enchantments as you do now at 30.
  12. Go for a lvl 28-30 enchant
  13. I tried to get this the other day. I gave up after 7 enchantments. :(
  14. At least we don't have to grind nonstop for hours to get a high level enchant anymore...and can switch it up with some mining!
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