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  1. So I guess since it seems like very few people know me anymore, after 4 years and 4 odd months, that it is time to say hello again and remind people that I am still here..

    My name is Autumn, and I have been on EMC a really long time, not quite as long as some people, but long enough really. I used to be on the Contribution Team eons ago, however, I left to pursue a similar position on another server run by a friend. That server no longer exists and has been gone for almost a year now it seems. I never really left EMC as a player and have been on randomly since.

    I play FFXIV, Starbound, and Dungeon Fighter Online as well.. There are also other games that I play, I mean, look at my steam profile, I own like 600+ games. And I blame that on Humble Bundle, IndieGala and Groupees mostly.. xD
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  2. Welcome back! I remember when you were a contrib! :)
  3. Hello again! *waves paw*
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  4. i guess welcome back 2 to emc ^.^ nice 2 meet u!
  5. Hi Autumn. Nice to see you again. I also remember you on that other server. ;) Welcome back. :)
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  6. Welcome back!
  7. Hello again, I do remember you. May have talked to you on a few occasions, and remember the name from both earlier days on EMC and from the Contribution Team. Welcome back :)
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  8. You're in my list of people I follow, so that must mean you mean quite something to me ;)
    I'm glad I still see you around every now and then!
  9. Heya :) I remember you quite well and have missed seeing you around. Welcome back!
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  10. Welcome back to the empire! I remember you...