Hi there!

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  1. I am Knotsy. (I know, I didn't choose the name personally. I've contacted Mojang about changing it... =.=)

    I plan to be here a great long while. This server is so nice, and I look forward to talking and mining with you all.

    Happy building!
  2. welcome fello miner and builder.

    Please tell us more about your adventure in this world, what are you plans now your here?

    And any other things you fancy telling us :)
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  3. "this servers is so nice" Mhmmmm you got that right ;)
    But you will seriously enjoy your time here on emc
    Hope to see you around! :D
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  4. Hi, I like the part you said that this server is so nice( 75% true, 25% not true). J/K, hope you have a great adventure in EMC :D.
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  5. Whelp, everything was going great until I happened across an Enraged Zombie underground, and he ate my face.

    I lost everything. =.= fml
  6. Welcome to the Empire, Knotsy!
    Where the creepers hug back!
    Apparently, so do the zombies :p
    If you ever need anything, feel free to tell me, or visit on smp4 *shh, but its best*
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  7. Can I get my 6 stacks of Cobble, 12 diamonds, diamond pick/shovel, and my armor back? zombies man. WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SO TOUGH
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  8. I think the server is tooooo nice....
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  9. Seriously.... God damn these buffed enemies.... D:
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  10. you will love this server!! This honestly is probably the best out there!
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  11. I'll replace it for you. I'll put an access chest at my res. :)
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  12. Welcome to the Empire, A place where memories are made to last :)
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  13. Welcome to EMC :)
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  14. Welcome to Empire :D hope you enjoy it here like rest of us do.

    I guess they are little buffed up... You will get used to them.
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  15. Welcome to EMC the best server in the world :p :)
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  16. =.= thanks for all the welcomes. Ill be sure to avoid buffed enemies at all costs from now on. Im still pretty angry about losing all my stuff in 1 attack, but I guess live, die, lose everything, and learn. ''/
  17. Like I said, I'll compensate, just give me a list of anything you need back. And stay FAR FAR AWAY from the enraged creepers, those things can one hit kill you in full iron.
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  18. Welcome to the empire! I too have lost a lot to those "buffed up enemies" as well. I am actually not allowed in the nether unsupervised per my husband any longer XD as I die in lava too much hahahhahah. But anyway welcome to the empire I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!

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  19. Shift. Hold shift. :p