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  1. please can you please unban/pardon me from the server for all my friends is playing on it and i love the server but i just say "zzzZzzzZ" 2times why we get banned for that, im sorry for say it in here
    but help me please gone me an nice guy/boy an the server says to me "you are permabanned from server by spam" i just say "zzzzZzzzzZ" 2 times please help me
  2. Wrong way.

    PM mods.
  3. sorry i don't play at smp9 but smp5
  4. You said a bit more that "zzzz", but please contact me via private convo, and we'll see about getting you a second chance.
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  5. This is the wrong way to appeal. PM a moderator with your appeal (the reason you should be given a second chance).

    Locking thread.

    Edit: MARGARITTE!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.