Hi everyone!

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  1. Hi everyone! Im new to Empire Minecraft -and- i also have a question when the lots are full where do i build?
  2. Welcome to the Empire.

    I'm afraid that until more residences become available, you won't have a place where your things will be completely safe.

    You may still build to your heart's content out in the Wasteland or Wilderness, but anything in those worlds is subject to villainy.

    Another option is to befriend someone and move in on their res, but that temporary solution will only work if both parties trust each other completely.
  3. Welcome to the Empire! Justin is working his butt off right now to be able to add a LOT of free residences. We grew much much faster than we anticipated and this kind of threw us off, lol. Stick around though Oreo, it's coming, I promise!
  4. It's worth the wait, this is one amazing server.
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  5. Yeah this server is cool. :cool: