Hey mates! I'm Seberling! Comes from my last name and first name Sebastian Heberling!

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  1. I've already posted a few threads but I haven't really introduced myself. My shop on SMP1 is currently under construction, but it looks neat! I'm seventeen and like to do other stuff besides Minecraft, believe it or not, haha! I just got released from boot camp (I'd been there for about 6 months) about a month ago because I got a felony charge, but that's all over now and I don't pride myself on it. Some other things I like to do include play PS3, skateboard, create music (FL Studio), and play with Adobe Photoshop which I plan to major in when I go to college! I'm very good with Photoshop, so if you want me to modify images I will do so in return for Rupees. I plan on posting a few photos of myself so y'all can get to know me better, but I've lost my camera. Part of the reason I love Minecraft is because I love anything to do with medieval RPGs! I'm really a big fan it just strikes a nerve and they make me emotional because the story lines are so immersing. Anyway just introducing myself! Another thing you will notice about me is that my spelling and punctuation are always on-point and perfect, because I am a perfectionist. I wish I wasn't because I spend twice as much on common tasks, and nothing is ever perfect so I always have that uneasy feeling, but it is just something I have to deal with. I also have ADHD so I'm a bit hyper at times, don't be offended though, I'm a unique individual. I love to help and answer questions, I hold a "Top Contributor" account on Yahoo Answers and am very knowledgeable in various subjects! I am also an iPod Touch expert as I have over half the appstore downloaded, haha. How many people do you know who are adopted from Poland, speak 3 languages, and have visited every single country in Europe, spent 11 years living there, and currently reside in Michigan? Thanks, come talk to me mateys!