Here's me! An introduction.

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  1. Here's a couple things about me, because, now that I've gotten to know ya'll, I think I should tell you facts about me.

    • I am 12 years old (Today, May 18th)
    • My favorite color is green
    • I've been on EMC for about 192-193 days (don't really know)
    • My favorite color is Green
    • I have no fan club... yet ;)
    • I currently reside on SMP2 and am making my shop
    • I'm single. Once again, winky face ;)
    • I was introduced when I was sick, and browsing servers
    • There were only 2 or 3 servers when i joined
    • My favorite animals are turtles
    • My skype is yankees518111 and my email is
    • I go by Yank or Devon
    Those are if you have any questions about me, and I think I went a bit too in depth, I originally planned on having about 2 bullets. Well, there's Yankees for you. I hope to get to know all of YOU soon ;)
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  2. Can I add you on Skype?
  3. Awesome! I have been on EMC since smp1 was the only server, around 200 days ago :D

    I hope to see you in-game, and maybe, play together sometime! :D
    Psst, check my signature
  4. Sure mark, I'll accept it willingly, and anyone else can too. :). Tshack, won't let me on the page.
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  5. awwww, i forgot. its a supporters only forum XD soz
  6. No prob. Don't think I'll ever be getting supporter :p