Helpful Hints for Wilderness harvesting.

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  1. I want to start auctioning off wilderness items because i need the rupees, but i don't know the best and easiest way/item to auction off.
  2. Do the work..?

    And clay blocks :D
  3. Stone is pretty easy, so is ice and if you get a farm, so is iron.
  4. I usually do Sand/Glass/Sandstone and Stone
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  5. Go deep down and dig long, straight lines
    You'll find grand amounts of redstone and lapis
  6. Thanks for your helpful hints guys.
  7. Dont dig straight down O_O
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  8. I won't number 1 rule in mining in minecraft = never dig down or up!!!
  9. If you wanted to, you could make a obsidian farm and mine that for hours. 1 Peice of obsidian (Correct me if I'm wrong) goes for 10r each. 1 Stack could get you 600+ rupees. A double chest could get you 34,560r! It's a good money maker if you have a good pickaxe.

    TIP 1: Auctions could get you a lot of moolah :p, Try to focus on 1 block that you want to get a double chest of and auction it here on the forums.

    TIP 2: After a long mining trip, sell half of your loot, and keep the other half for yourself.

    TIP 3: Try to acquire enchanted diamond tools to minimize the time spent on gathering materials

    That's all I got lol, Good luck buddy :)
  10. I would suggest the one thing that quite literally, powers parts of the EMC economy, coal. Here are the reasons.

    1. Like I said, coal does power parts of the economy: People NEED coal to smelt and cooks stuff, which they can then go ahead and sell for their own money, so you will help some other person with their quest for money by making money.

    2. Its easy to find: Which means it won't make as much as something like diamonds, but as you can get more of it easier than diamonds, you will make more rupees faster.
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  11. Obsidian does indeed go for that much if you don't plan on mass producing it.
    If you go higher than selling several stacks at a time, don't dare sell it at that much. People either buy it in mass amounts or little bits. When much more is being bought at once [possibly a dc] expect it to go for about 6r a piece or else it gets very pricy for the buyer and the obsidian is left unsold.

    Also, if you build farms, build them BIG and automatic (water/piston harvested) to make generally good sums of rupees for the equally large output of crops. I expect wheat should be a staple crop with the update of hay bales.
  12. Couldn't have said it any better lol