Help spread EMC - Earn Rupees!

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  1. Hey guys, Want to help EMC and earn rupees? Simple!

    Do you visit any of the major MC forums and post their often? If not, you can simply start and help!

    Simply set your signature to this:
    EmpireMinecraft - Join over 55k other players - Exciting unique features! 

    Smaller one for forums that need smaller:
    EmpireMinecraft - Join over 55k other players - Exciting unique features! 

    Now before you use it, edit the part of the url that says "landing?user=Aikar"
    and put your own Minecraft Username there!

    This will give you credit for the referral, and gives you 500 rupees per referral!
    Now, when you go to forums, if you see topics that interest you, post on them!
    Try to answer peoples questions and overall be friendly.

    The more people that post, the more the EMC Signature is shown all over the place, and the more exposure we get :) All while making you rupees!

    Please, DO NOT SPAM! Only post relevant and appropriate threads and responses, just as you would here on EMC.

    Some good forums to post on:

    (Please do not post to the Server forums -- We will have official threads for each SMP server on these forums that you can reply to later.)
  2. Glad you like them.. I made them. ;)
  3. Mine barely fits but, :)
    EDIT: Ok I just looked at it, need to do some remodeling LOL
  4. ... I did not see this thread till now... I think it deserves a Mighty BUMP!
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  5. Hmm... Dragon Tomb's already in there. I'm hoping for a Birthday Release, as tomorrow's my birthday! :D
  6. Nice work Max :D They look fantastic. Definitely using the bigger one on the MC forums.
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  7. I put it in my Minecraft Forum signature.. :3
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  9. I haven't had any sleep. The only sleep i've had today is a half an hour nap.
  10. I have increased the size of the text where Aikar asks for forum posts about the servers to not be created. :)
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  11. EmpireMinecraft - Join over 55k other players - Exciting unique features!
  12. ?55k?
  13. yea we have over 50k players
  14. Check your facts.....
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  15. I can't get the signature to work on the Mc forrums it says that you can only have one link, any help?
  16. Chickeneer is right, we have around 47k members.
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  17. This is really random, but I was just reading a thread and saw that Aikar replied to it.
  18. I think my signature is backed up with this awesome gif.

    Nice job Max, its very pretty! ( Surprised there aren't any shoes in the picture ) :p
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