Help! Need new smart phone!

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  1. So, I haved a problem with my Iphone 5( It got crazy, dosen't work anymore), so now I am searching for a new smart phone.

    But the problem is that I don't want to spend more than $400, so I found this 2 guys.

    1. Motorola X, it cost $313, Display: 4.7-inchesCamera: 10-MPProcessor Speed: 1.7 GHz OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
    2. Motorola G, it cost $197, 4.5 inch 720p HD TFT displayQuad-core 1.2GHz processor with 450MHz graphics processor5MP rear camera, plus front facing camera.
    What do you think?
    What other smart phones do you know that cost less than $400?
  2. i still use an iphone 4 (pure love)
  3. Sony Xperia Z1

    • 169 grams
    • 144.4 x 73.9 x 8.5 mm
    • 20.7 megapixel camera with Sony Exmor RS® for mobile image sensor
    • 5.0 inch Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile with X-Reality™ for mobile picture engine
    • 16,777,216 colours, 1920x1080 pixels
    On the inside
    • Google Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
    • 2.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8974 Quad Core
    • Waterproof (IP55 and IP58) ***
    • Dust-resistant (IP55) ***
    • Talk time: Up to 14 hours**
    • Standby time: Up to 880 hours**
    • Music listening time: Up to 110 hours**
    • Video playback time: Up to 6.6 hours**
    • Battery: 3000 mAh minimum
    I'd suggest z2 but it's a bit more expensive..
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  4. I will always recommend iphone. It is my personal favorite and my 4s is amazing.
  5. Why do you want a smartphone?
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  6. because who wants a brick that is pretty much worthless and is no fun at all? lol
  7. But who wants an iPhone when they suck? :p
  8. :eek: how dare you!
  9. Ha ha I'm an Android guy :p
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  10. You're a guy?! I always thought.. that you were a she :s
  11. i used to be an android person too, down talked iphone all the chances i got.... until i got one.
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  12. XD
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  13. A brick that's pretty much worthless and is no fun at all?
    Nonsense. I can play mario on my Nokia C1-01.
    I'm also in level 49 in littlest pet shop and just installed this stupid game called subway surfers today. PPM is available for it (best mobile paint existing) and the whole device is very customisable, with themes, menus, shortcuts and everything. Hah.
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  14. Oh my...but back on topic what iPhone 5 did you use because of all the new ones
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  15. Showing my age here...This was my first cell phone. It was awesome, as it was one of the first phones to have the game "Snake" on it.

    And yes, that's a telescoping antenna....
  16. I am using a Motorola G with a company called Republic Wireless. I have been very happy with both.

    In the past year, my wife has used an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and a Samsung Galaxy 5s so I have had a chance to compare their features with the Moto G. I have heard that the camera is not as good, but I have been happy with most of the photos I've taken with it. Feature-wise and useablility-wise the Moto G is comparable to the iPhones. Plenty of useful features and easy to learn. I especially like not being tied down to Apple and iTunes, etc.

    On a trip this spring my wife and I took together this spring she said after using mine on and off for the week that she was jealous and wanted a better phone. The Galaxy she got is way overkill and I couldn't talk her out of it, but that is a different story... After using the Samsung myself while helping her to set it up and later to try and bring her battery usage under control, I still like mine better even though the Samsung has more features. For me, it has just the stuff I need at a good price.

    Other than what you listed, there are a few other things I know of the differences between the Moto X and G that may be important to you.

    The MotoX is 4G capable and the MotoG is 3G only(at least through my provider).

    The MotoX has on screen alerts and will respond to your voice. They both have Google Voice but the Moto G has to be activated by touch. With the way I use a phone, this is more of a battery drain than a feature but if I were traveling a lot by car it could be handy.

    The MotoX is NFC (Near Field Communication) capable where the MotoG is not. I don't have a good use for it, so I would disable it also if I had a MotoX to save energy. I think it may not be available in some countries, but if it is and is something you will use there it is.

    One other difference is that they have a thing called the Skip that you can use to unlock the phone by touching it. To me it seems like if you lose it you just gave away your passcode, but for someone traveling and using it a lot being able to tap the phone to unlock it might be nice.

    One other observation I had is that when I was looking for a case I was on my trip and the only one I found was an overkill OtterBox. They seemed to have more cases, accessories for the MotoX, most likely because it has been around longer. There are plenty of choices online though. The OtterBox was good for traveling, but I may eventually order something that trades a little of the protection for a nicer look and feel.

    Since you aren't in the US, I know you can't get the same service but I'll plug the service I am with anyway. I've really been happy with the phone and Republic Wireless.

    I am getting unlimited talk and text for $10 a month from Republic. On the $10 plan, the data is wifi, but I am next to an access point most of the time anyway and when I am out. The talk or text is mainly what I want the phone for and my destinations usually have wifi now anyway.

    They have a cell data plan for $25 per month (5GB) and I am allowed to switch plans twice per month so when I went on that trip I mentioned, I switched to the $25 plan so I could use it for GPS, email, and a bit of Googling then I switched it back to the $10 plan when I returned home. I think it cost me around $8 extra that month. The plans they have fit my lifestyle very well along with being a third or a quarter of the price my wife is paying.

    When I joined Republic and ordered the phone, I was hoping to get it before this trip and they managed to get it there for me the day before. When I transferred my phone number it just took a day too no problems. There are a few things I haven't liked about them, but so far they have been very minor. If anyone is interested and wants a referral discount, please check with me so I can send a link and answer any questions.
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  17. Much Boos, Such Wows
  18. I would recommend the nexus 5. You really should click that link because the site looks really cool. It is a great phone and is only $350. You will always have the latest version of Android.
    As for the iphone android debate,
    Iphone: incredibly simple and easy to use. Includes a massive app store

    Android: Slightly harder to use but still not difficult. You can customize a ton more than you can on an Iphone without breaking your warranty. If you don't like something, there is almost certainly a way to change it or download an alternative. This includes the home screen, icons, and notification drawer. You do get a smaller app store though.

    I personally prefer android.
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  19. Moto G / Nexus 5
    just get it. and get the google play edition of Moto G if you get it - same price, rooting is warrantied
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