[HELP] Momentus Problems

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  1. Right when you shoot momentus, he immediately draws you in. When ever you get a hit, you are instantly killed. This means its shoot, shoot hit death run back repeat. Each time I am loosing an enchanted bow.
  2. That's intentional.
  3. How are you supposed to kill him then? we are shooting it from ~120 blocks out, and every time we hit him he draws us in.\
    EDIT: fail on my part, just read the momentus thread :p
  4. Last time I killed momentus, I sniped him all I wanted and only got drawn in twice...
  5. plz read the momentus thread
  6. I know I read it, I am just stating what happened last time. Just now I went in with a stone sword, he drew n=me into a grinding position and he couldn't kill me so he is dead any ways.
  7. He used to be really... stupid :)
    I would suggest using better equipment... xD
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  8. You are supposed to need really good gear. I suggest prot 4. Or, you can wear full iron and just bring a few notch apples and trap him in the water. You can swim under him and hit him, while he can't hit you.
  9. I killed him already. When I killed him before he apparently was REALLY stupid. If I ever find another, I will probably just use the iron armor thing
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  10. It used to be possible to do so at range, but it was changed so any attack at any range now draws you in
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