Help! Momentus can't swim!

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Momentus, why u do dis?

It's a glitch 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Glug Glug 9 vote(s) 40.9%
#BlameAikar 13 vote(s) 59.1%
  1. Earlier today I came across the enormous, hideous beast and started to battle him for his remains.

    The battle began in a blistering desert, but continued just off the shore of the desert's beach. As our swords met one another's at a constant pace, I noticed the Momentus was growing weary. He began to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Confused, I tried to help the tremendously sized zombie afloat, but it was no use. The Momentus continued to call for assistance . . . until he took his very last gasp.

    I mimicked it's actions and sank to the bottom to collect what was left of the Momentus, only to see that a dragon stone fragment was all that remained.

    I come before you today to gather information on why this atrocity occurred. Is it the coding? Is it a glitch? Or, does the Momentus simply need one of these:

  2. I don't think momentus would like floating on a giraffe... I think he would like an elephant better.
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  3. Momentus is a giant zombie.
    Zombies can't swim. They can only try to walk on the water blocks (and go ever so slowly).
    Maybe because he's so giant, he seeks to find concrete land to walk back to shore? =P
    In which case, i think he does need a gigantic floatable elephant.

    On a more serious note--maybe aikar can program momentus to not take drowning damage. That way, prizes won't be reduced simply because we hit him too far into the sea >.>
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  4. (we need a crying laugh face emoticon) because it would be perfect for this
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  5. Neither of the poll options

    Always #ChinBrokeIt :D
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  6. Spread the word! Alert the media! Notify the press! Let our Admin know!!
  7. So the drowning hurt him and ended up killing him? or do you think you lost loot?
  8. The drowning dealt more than half of the damage to the Momentus.
  9. I think he would like a raft of slime.
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  10. Bump! Save the Momentus!

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  11. I could imagine that this might be a deliberate mechanism. Not sure mind you, just sharing my thoughts about it. First off: you're not alone with this. A friend of mine was very upset when they spotted Momentus near an ocean build, contacted another friend who would have loved fighting one, only to find out that Momentus somehow stepped into the water, drowned and that was the end of it.

    The other downside of this is that it'll affect your "effective difficulty", which in its turn affects the mob drops.

    Here's the problem I see: If you let Momentus live under water then it's only a matter of time before players will make it into a strategy. Dump Momentus into the water where it'll be harder for him to hit you, his guardians will mostly float up and never attack you at all, and you can whack away at it on high difficulty without too much risks.

    I think the reason why this is happening is because Momentus attacks with his feet (he kicks you) while the zombies attack with their hands. So I could imagine that for feet to be better functional you'd need solid ground below 'm; so he sinks. This is just a theory, I have nothing to back it up.

    But I can't help think this is involved. Have Momentus float and you'd end up above the "damage doer" (feet) making it more or less impossible for Momentus to hit you. Swoop down, hit, get up. Repeat until done, can be pulled off without armor.

    (edit: though you'd still have the guardians to deal with.. hmm....)

    Not sure of course, your guess is as good as mine, but I don't think there's an easy solution to this problem.
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  12. A momentus is possible with only one item-the bed. Setting spawn near the boss, anyone?
  13. My first momentus fight was in the swamp, I took momentus into the water and that's exactly how I fought him and defeated him.