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  1. I am probably being thick here and missing it.... But how do you get the forum titles like active member and stuff?
  2. I believe it depends on how many forum posts you have.
  3. Ahhh thanks
  4. well-known members need 42 or 45 points i believe.
  5. Hey np bro ;)
  6. Yes, forum posts and likes. Also, I hope you have to be for a certain time on EMC to get it, so you can't become well-known in one day(don't know how to get so many likes in one day though:confused:) Edit: Never Mind
  7. Oh, of course, I think princebee is right, it depends on trophies I think.
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  8. I don't know if it's just me, but when my Gold membership expires, it says I'm a well-known member, until I renew the membership :confused:
  9. Yes, why should that be weird?
  10. I believe you need 63 Trophy Points to become a Well-Known member.
  11. Nope :) 43 or below as that's how many I have :) And <-------------------------
  12. Here's the trophy page for you.

    Supporterships cover up well-known, active, etc, but you still have it, its just hidden :)
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