Help me someone?

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  1. Ok, so I was walking through town and, I stopped my screen froze and it was lagging out, so now when ever I get on my screen freezes and it just stays like that and i cant do anything? any help :(
  2. Restart you computer?
  3. reinstall minecraft
  4. Your computer is outdated or you just need a better internet service...
  5. Can you play any single player worlds without crashing?
  6. my suggestion, copy the command
    and keep it ready in your clip board, then when you log in you can quickly open chat and 'ctrl + V' the command to save type time then 'Enter' to return home.
    By the sounds of it you've entered an area with high ent. counts :)
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  7. ill try, its only smp9 that makes me crash when i just join.. also i restarted my computer and it dont work...
  8. What type of operating system do you use and what brand is your computer?
  9. ^Yep, this is what's happening
    ^And that only proves it, smp9 is (sadly) quite well known for it's lag spikes.
    If the issue was his computer, it would happen on all servers.
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  10. Deathtomb has a bug on EMC named after him. for lagging up smp9. Try to just to to like an open res and then you should be fine.
  11. tbh i kinda agree with that..
  12. Im like right beside queendiva1 shop, shop guys randompyramid, a floating island, and another thing
  13. i tried it and it worked thanks dude :DD
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