[Help] Lost Support Level All of a Sudden

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Czarina_Julie, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Can staff please help and explain how I lost my Diamond Supporter level when I have (now had) a recurring payment setup to remain Diamond?
  2. I would suggest PMing Krysyy/Aikar and they can see why.

    Did the payment come out of your account? I ask this as I had an issue where the payment did not come out so it ran out...
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  3. Thanks. Yea, I was thing the same. I also notice that they changed their supporter page/rates too.
  4. if you account information changed at all for your bank or for your paypal account, then that might be the cause
  5. Thanks. I just checked my paypal account and the card setup with it. It's stilled linked and doesn't expire for years. Go figure.

    Maybe paypal upchucked .... It looks like the semi-annual payment was last taken out on 23 Jan 2016 (and it's 24 July 2016) six months ago. Hopefully, staff can try again billing paypal? Their pretty good with helping people.
  6. As said: best you can do is PM Krysyy (follow link), explain the situation and see what she can do. That's the best way to make sure that she'll notice it (and it also allows you to share information which should not be shared in public).
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  7. Thanks Shel...already done
  8. PayPal occasionally fails to send the payment, and retries in 5 days.

    You sadly fell into this case. So it should kick back in automatically soon when PayPal retries. Do not manually resubscribe as PayPal will still send the other payment.
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  9. They mentioned that the payment was semi-annual, and you stated here that you removed that option. Could that be linked to them not having supporter??
  10. Awesome Aikar and thanks.

    That was my main concern.

    Again, thanks for explanation and help.
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  11. Gratz on getting your diamond status back! :)
  12. Danke, Ka-saw-me-da, Mahalo, Gracias, Thanks! :)