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How many residences do you have on emc?

0 >_< 0 vote(s) 0.0%
1 :/ 4 vote(s) 23.5%
2 :) 1 vote(s) 5.9%
3 =) 2 vote(s) 11.8%
4 =D 10 vote(s) 58.8%
  1. I have been wasting a lot of time: jumping in water, placing dirt blocks, doing random stuff, etc. I have been wasting too much time, but I can't do anything. Here's why, I am trying to make an "underground world" underneath my Hoth biome. (Visit it if you are confused xD) I vision this to be a massive world, digging out all the dirt and incorporating neat "gravity" ;) The only problem is the dirt is blocking all of the progress. I was thinking about hosting a "dig party", but there is even more issues. I am afraid to give that many players build perms on my residence, after hearing griefing incidents in town. Also, I don't want players accessing the top of my residence. So, until flag subzones gets added to emc, I won't be able to do this.
    Why don't you just waste all of your rupees to dig out your residence?
    I have a rare giveaway planned for my 1.5 years on emc, so I don't want to waste them ;) *hint*
    I can do this! I want to dig out some dirt.
    I won't give perms unless I really trust you, and if you get hired, I want the dirt to be gone instantly, like over a couple of days. I don't want this job to last 2-3 months. :/

    So, what do I do? I want to make some progress now, but I don't know where to start. :(
  2. TNT.
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  3. How about try a reverse auction for a dirt destroying ticking tock. technically it's just the same as a senior service but the person probably got it as a drop from Momentus, that's free. Start your bidding at 50k with a min bid decrease of 1k or higher if you'd like.
    Not sure if that's in your budget but your dirt would all be gone.
  4. I thought D.D.T.Ts destroy dirt below a certain layer, they would ignore chests underground. Wouldn't delete like the whole residence lol? Most of my residence is dirt. Some of the dirt is just covered by snow layers. :/
  5. Including the top layers, basically the whole res. would be dug out and I don't think that's what Ender had in mind.

    More seriously though, I think Jayza makes a very valid suggestion here. If done right (and with proper care) then you can clean out a LOT using TNT. Heck, if you're unsure you could even apply obsidian (or stone) here and there to steer the blast radius a bit.
  6. Well you don't get to use the Dirt destroying ticking tock. You redeem it to the senior staff for the job of removing the dirt. At which point you could specify to the staff that i would only want layers 60 down to the bedrock removed.
  7. Really not needed, TNT is pretty safe. If you're working on dirt then just dig a 3 deep hole and clear everything on a 3 block radius from the TNT (including downwards and upwards). And as you'll be working in town you won't even have to worry about getting yourself killed by the blast ;).
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  8. I agree with TNT. Before I learned the magic of world edit, a friend of mine and I dug out the entire inside of a mountain using tnt and it was pretty painless. The worst part is having to replace whatever you're using to light the tnt if it breaks or gets blown up.
  9. You need an option for 6 reses on your survey ;)

    (Speaking of wasting money)

    I find that it's well worth it to pay to have the dirt removed from a res. If you spent your time making mining trips to waste instead you could keep all the resources you liked and sell the rest towards the SS service. Most DCs of anything go for 10k+, it wouldn't take long at all to cover the service.

    TnT works well, but does take time and money to acquire, and then to use (it's messy, even if you're organized about it). Paying people to dig is usually a 3 month process of giving random people shovels until they are bored. Digging yourself requires a lot of Eff V shovels.. which eats into your profits as well.
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  10. I did cost calculations in the past and its more expensive to use TnT even if your being super efficient, which almost no one is.

    Everyone places like 5 tnt into 1 spot and detonates, drastically wasting the TNT effectiveness. And then to use TNT effectively, it takes a ton of time to the point a shovel might be faster.

    SS service is the most efficient way to remove the dirt.
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  11. If I did this, would the SS be able to remove the dirt at different places, not just the whole residence?