[HELP] Clearing dirt on res with TNT

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  1. Hey! I want to remove all the dirt on my residence with TNT :)
    For those who have done this before, what is the most effective pattern for the TNT? Where should I place it and how many stacks of TNT do I need?

    Thank you in advance ;)

  2. As a regular member, you do not have the ability to use TNT, however, you may pay staff 60,000r to clear out all the dirt from your res.
  3. Well, he can ask a freind that has diamond to TNT it up :D
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  4. I'm going to buy diamond supportership soon ;) I do not have enough rupees to do that, but I have atleast 5 stacks of TNT :)
  5. Also, umm a pattern i would say is like just spread it around? like have 2 every 3 blocks apart idk
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  6. I've read somewhere that it could be done with around 8 stacks of TNT, but I don't know which pattern that was.. :)
  7. 2013-10-08_16.48.44.png Here are the 2 ways the bottom one destorys a 3x3 2013-10-08_16.50.27.png
  8. I have plenty of extra gunpowder if needed.
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  9. Remember that it doesn't destroys 3x3 in dirt :)
  10. I might do it for you, PM me! It would probably take about 5-10 stacks of TNT to make this happen.
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  11. Give me tnt and I will gladly blow up your res.
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  12. If you need to know a pattern ask seffychan. I know she did it a little while ago when she was diamond supporter so she could probably tell you how she did it.
  13. I believe Etho either created or popularised a system where the blocks surrounding the TNT block are dug out, and the TNT spaced out with 3 blocks of air between. It's rough, but it digs out a lot. Search it up.
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  14. Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to buy diamond anyway! ;)
  15. I didn't find anything about that, but I tried it out. It was slightly more effective :) Thanks!
  16. Samtheboo got the job! Thank you guys for all your help!