[ Help ] Aikar Doesn't want me to buy T-Virus? D:

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  1. So I'm wondering around mman2832's museum at 14006 and I came across the wonderful T-Virus Vaccine! Then I wondered, "Why don't I have one of those". I could get one anytime I wanted to.

    So I hopped onto smp1 to go to Aikars residence, where I could purchase one for 100,000r. I typed the command to get there but...it didn't work.

    So I needed to leave smp1...and go to smp1? Yea. Got it.

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  2. Which command did you use? :)
  3. i think everyone knows that but great gif usage lol
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  4. Okay maybe I did "/v Aikar 2". Either way it still doesn't make sense xD

    I don't have permission on his 1st residence
  5. Aikar loves messing with people, so he purposfully set it up to be like that. Gotta love aikar and his trollish ways. Still do not understand why people say staff are soul less.
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  6. Aikar did some strange thing with his reses so all his apear as one res, but what i did is go on smp1 and type /v aikar and it brought me there
  7. It would apear that since he did that 1000th day on emc party he took move off, maybe he is not selling them anymore. and maybe you would have to buy off another player now, you never know,
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  8. Aikar said he tweaked his res #'s so you can do /v aikar on both smp1 and smp2 to get to his res.
  9. Well, it doesn't work :p
  10. Heh...maybe it was /home he made work then. Selfish.
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