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  1. Hello, Names Kelsey i'm 18. My in game name is Kells18 and i play on smp1 i love to farm on the server. Not really into building huge buildings. I love this server cause its so organized. and ya ^_^
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  2. Hello
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  3. I prefer Harvest Moon for farming over Minecraft.
  4. Hello and welcome to EMC :)
  5. Hope you enjoy yourself here :D
  6. Welcome, Kells. Hope you enjoy yourself!
  7. Welcome! :D
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  8. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft... Such a lovely place. ;)

    Btw there are many great shops everywhere!
  9. Welcome to the Empire! I'm on SMP1 aswell res 1579, come check it out and if you need any help, feel free to ask! :3
  10. Hii, i'm new to!!
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  11. :D awesome congrats on joining
  12. lol i have that for gamecube ^_^ but recently lost it :(
  13. Welcome to the Empire. :) Great to have you here. :D

    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS1)
  14. I knew someone else had a game cube
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  15. Game cube is amazing. Very resistant and well built. Mine survived 20 hits from a hammer, being thrown into a wall, and several other things(none of it done by me.)
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  16. Welcome! Thats the great thing about the economy on EMC is that people can have their own personal fav things to do and still make money doing it. So farm away :)

    When ur EMC addiction kicks in, you can always look at becoming a supporter. For 5 bucks a month u get more money every day and never have to wait to get on! And every dollar helps justin make everyones experiance here THAT much better. :)
  17. Ive had gamecube for years until i upgraded to the ps3 xP and now mines just sitting and collecting dust
  18. i was thinking about it, but i'm broke :(
  19. Thats ok! Its only an option :)
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