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  1. Hi everyone... I have been playing Empire for a few weeks now. Sorry for the late intro (how rude!!)
    Lol. Anyway, I'm philjohnk. I have a new game at my house. It's a parkour seek-and-find. Only three players so far have completed the challenge. Can you? Type /v philjohnk in your chat window to play!!
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  2. Welcome to the Empire and the forums philjohnk. :)
  3. thnx FWR
  4. Howdy, Hope you are enjoying so far :)
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire, philjohnk! If ya ever need something just ask :p
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  7. Welcome to EMC! :D
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :p:cool:
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  9. good tip... but my fists ARE tnt!!!!
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  10. Welcome to EMC!
    Gimme a high-five...um...wait... is that TNT in your hand, or... um?
    Were you holding gunpowder in your hands again, running in the desert, tripping and falling into the sand?
  11. You want a high 5? or a high LANCER 5?!! haha
  12. Welcome philjohnk!! philjohnk will klonk out! Haha!
  13. Thanks for the welcome awesome.... your screen name is really cool btw. Im jealous 'cause I didn't think of it.;)
  14. Welcome to your Home. Ha haahah mauahaha
  15. Don't worry about a 3-week late intro, mine is a few years and counting late :)
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  16. Same but almost one year for my case
  17. Challenge Accep-Ted
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  18. Welcome, my friend. You have chosen your Minecraft server wisely.
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  19. Thanks man!
  20. Welcome! :D
    What do you think of my name? :)
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