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  1. Um hi. I'm XinNyx, and I was dragged onto here by my cousin, DoubleCakes9001. I've been called Xinny or Nyx, and I've been playing on the server for a while but hadn't been a part of the forums. And well, I'm a hobo on the server. No, really. My res is under a highway.
  2. You forgot something
    The part where I built it. :p
    Walcome tho
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  3. Hi Nyx. welcome to the Empire and the forums. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. I deny having anything to do with that, no matter what DC says! And I have proof too; if I had been aware of all this then surely I would know his zecret identity the lboss, which I don't. So there ;) The fun part is that it's actually true ;)

    Hoi Xinny!

    Cool, another blast from the past! Nice to see that you found your way onto the Empire as well. It's quite different from "that other place" but trust me when I say that if you let it get to you then you may well risk not wanting to leave... ever :D

    <insert dramatized music here>

    Ha ha ha, yeah, I saw that build. Pretty awesome, talk about something completely different. Immediately reminded me a little about Fallout 3 :)

    So yah, a belated welcome to the Empire. Hope you're going to have fun here. Should be doable I think; there's plenty of stuff to do around here. And in the unlikely event that you do get bored then check out some of the stuff to do which the staff organizes.

    So yah, welcome aboard!
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  5. Welcome to the Empire and forums, I hope that you're enjoying yourself! :)
  6. Welcome! Don't worry, everyone on here was a noob at once :)
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  8. Welcome to the empire, Xinny! I am sure your cousin made a good choice of "dragging you here" :p
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  9. I didn't think you'd actually use "Xinny." Oddly adorable. You were a blast from the past too, then again I was about as active as a procrastinating ghost in that other place.
    DC came bounding up one day on Steam talking about how he found his "senpai." Then he demanded I get on EMC.

    He really did. I like the layout of EMC a lot. Especially the player settings.

    Shhhhhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It was a donation to the poor.
  10. Welcom to the Empire.