Hello there! :)

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  1. Hello all! :)
    My name is Julia but others know me by my screen name, LadyZabijaka.
    I've played Minecraft before on Xbox (so I'm not completely new to the game) but I am new to the PC experience. I joined the Empire in search of a server where I could learn the controls in a cool and fun community, and where I could make some friends!

    I'm currently settled in the main server of the world (I think it's SMP1..?). I don't have a store or anything because I'm not really sure how those work aha.
    Well anyways,
    hope to see some of you guys around!
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  2. Welcome to EMC! It's a well-known fact in the PC community that PC Minecraft = Best Minecraft, so don't be surprised if you get addicted and never want to touch your Xbox again, especially if you're playing here. ;) Do you have any plans for a building of any type on your residence? Hope to see you around. :3
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  3. Yes aha, I've already started building a house :)
  4. Welcome LadyZabijaka! I'm one of the EMC veterans, glad you decides to join us!
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  5. welcome! I remember seeing you join yesterday.
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