Hello everyone.

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  1. kiyakatt here.
    And am not doing to good that this game...Already died once and soon dead again. lol.
    Forgive any miss spelling please, English is not easy for me.
    Hope everyone is well this night.
  2. Welcome Katt
    In sweden,Katt means Beutieful :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D Remember to read the guide, to follow all the rules, and to never feed AsscreamCow. Enjoy your time here! :)
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  4. So what server will your home be on?
  5. *Cough* SMP4 *Cough*
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  6. Shes on there now. Good girl! :D
  7. Wow thanks for the welcome everyone, gave me a good laugh.
    thestar19 cool. Am in Norway.
    Ok no feeding the cow, ( dont feel for trying to spell that name ) lol
    I don`t know what server i`ll make home, because I just die on the two I tryed. lmao. Is funny though.
    Ya nfell2009 thats the one am on now...lol
  8. Ok back to the game, see how long I make this tme. hehe
  9. Are you trying to make a home in the wild? The town is mob free. Just beware the green plague...
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  10. No am just trying to get suplise.
  11. Hi, welcome to the wonderful lands of Empire Minecraft, I hope you enjoy your stay here and are not eaten by the cow anytime soon or are hit by a ban hammer...I hope that never happens :p

    If you haven't already read the Empire Guide :)
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  12. Thanks Soulpunisher, yes have read it.
    And I`ll do my best to keep to the rules.
  13. hiya kiya! lol! we met the other day! glad you are on smp4 with me!
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  14. Hi tinker... Ya a good place to make home. With some good people.
  15. Welcome to Empire Minecraft - check out our latest news to keep up to date! :) Have fun, I'm on SMP2 if you have any questions! Yes, I know I'm a bit late - sorry :p
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  16. Hi kiyakatt.
    Once your rich and wanna gamble come to 407 and if the other servers somehow get blown up go shop at 509 :p.

    Tip #1: Never shop at /shop
    Tip #2: Never buy from people without a sign
    Tip #3: It's like impossible to make money mining cobble.
    Tip #4: Use minetopia.com as your crafting guide (It's sponsored by EMC)
    Tip #5: If your ever hiring always do background checks on mcbans.com
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  17. Hi and welcome to the empire. I see you've made smp4 your home here. Congrats on choosing the best server. Hope to see you there ;)
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  18. Welcome to EMC, remember to vote for a little extra money and check out the other servers for more resources. And remember to use the LiveMap, you can never get lost with it.
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  19. Thanks everyone for the Welcome, and the tip`s...
    I`ll need to read up on how the valt work`s before I visit other servers.
    Yep been vote`ting.