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  1. I joined the server a week ago and have not introduced myself in the forums, as of yet. I am doing that at this exact moment. Hello, everyone. My username is Owl_on_Caffeine. From what I have seen of this server, I like it. That makes this the first server I play on long term.
  2. woooo! welcome to EMC and i hope everything is to your liking, if you need anything all you have to do is ask
  3. I can think of one or two questions I have at this exact moment. Question one: How often does the wasteland reset? Question two: Are the only ways to get diamonds mining, event, special mobs, or buying them? It would be kind of cool but sorta weird if there were a farm for them.
  4. Wastelands reset every two or three months I think, plus when a terrain generation changing update occurs like 1.7 (new biomes) or 1.8 (new types of stone, ocean monuments).
    You can't really farm diamonds, but you can get lots of them (too many actually, in my opinion) simply voting for EMC. Of course you should only vote for EMC if you actually really like empireminecraft.
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  5. Welcome! Hope you spend many hours having fun here!
    (I've probably spent too many... :oops:)
    Thats a nice username you've got there :D
  6. I have voted and only gotten rupees and tokens. I do really like this server. As I stated, earlier, this is the first server I'm going to play long-term.
  7. Thanks for the compliment on my username. :) I like it, too.
  8. Question three: Are tokens useful for anything, yet? If they aren't, yet, when can I use them for something?
    Question four: When is the server going to update to 1.8? The reason I am asking this question is that I'm trying to make my house out of packed ice and, at the moment, silk touch doesn't work on packed ice if you log in with a 1.8 version.
    Question five: Why aren't the carpenter's blocks and chisel mod allowed mods? What would a person's house look like to a person who didn't have the mods if the first person put modded blocks in?
  9. It's once in 2 or 3 days that you'll get emeralds/diamonds. You need to type /mail get 1 to achieve it, maybe multiple times, if you didn't check your mail for a few days.
  10. More about myself:
    I am 15 and will turn 16 around the beginning of January. I am somewhat geeky, liking Pokémon, Puzzle and Dragons, and, of course, Minecraft. I am homeschooled. I am a Christian and a four point Calvinist.
  11. Someone just asked that a few days ago: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/when-do-we-get-to-use-the-tokens.45294/
    EMCmost likely isn't going to be updated to 1.8 any time soon. The same for most other servers at the moment. We're doing what we can, but because Bukkit stopped being developed, and 1.8 is one crazy update, it's extremely tough to get everything to work again, when using 1.8.
    I'm not a professional on mods, but I think it would indeed act weird when used with other players who don't have the mods installed (and we'll never have mandatory mods), plus some people find it strays away too much from vanilla, while we're still essentially a vanilla server (albeit french, with sprinkles on top).
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  12. Answer to question 3: Tokens will be used in the future for buying another residence as well as other cool stuff.
    Answer to question 4: It hasnt been said yet, i hope soon though.
    Answer to question 5: This isnt allowed because then every single player that wants to play on EMC will have to get the Carpenters and chisel mods which is kind of anoying as of people dont know how to install mods and it would take up some space on the servers.
    Hope i answered these questions right :)
  13. I forgot to mention that I am an avid book reader and my favorite book series are Ranger's Apprentice and Dragons in our Midst. Other series of merit are the Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson's two series, the Kane Chronicles, the Riyria Revelations and Chronicles, the Inheritance series/Eragon, and some others that I cannot remember, at the moment.
  14. Thanks for the answers, guys. :)
  15. Welcome to the Empire Owl. :)
  16. Welcome to EMC! I'm glad you like it :)
  17. Welcome to EMC Owl! See ya on the smp's! :)
  18. Welcome! We hope you love empire and will stay for a while!
  19. Welcome to the Empire, Owl.
  20. Thank you, all. :D
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