Hello, Empire! :)

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  1. I am Chantie. I have been playing Minecraft about 3 months. I love exploring and building mostly, but I need lots more practice with building. I am an adult and work long hours, so can't be on constantly. But I will still manage to spend a bit of time each week here. I just joined tonight, and am a bit overwhelmed but I think once I get a grasp on things I will really, really like it. :)

    Not sure what else to write here, and its late and I am tired. So....night! :)
  2. Welcome! :D
    It's very understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed: this server has lots of features to enhance the players' experience, but it can be a bit much at first, especially if you're quite new to Minecraft and multiplayer servers in general.
    I think you'll definitely enjoy it here!
    I also recommend to check these forums occasionally. They'e a very fun place to be, with lots of information, but also lots of socialising and talking to other great people. There is some drama occasionally, but you shouldn't worry too much about that sort of thing either, as both in-game and on the forums we have an incredible staff team who's great at handling every single situation, and is always ready to listen to community input.
    For any questions, I'm here for you! :)
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  3. welcome to the empire :D hope you have a great time here and remember to vote :D
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  4. Welcome to the Empire!

    607 already ninja'd me :) A good command to remember when you just get started is /assist, this will open up a menu which gives you access to most commonly used commands (teleporting to other servers, your vault, teleporting to town, going back to your own residence, etc.).

    Also; you mentioned work.. please be aware that the current derelict policy (the idle time-out if you will) is currently set to 5 days for you. So please keep in mind to log back in within those 5 days to reset the timer, or consider voting for the server. Voting will reset the derelict timer (for now) and also gets you nice rewards such as diamonds and emeralds.

    And don't worry: as you play along the derelict timer will also increase. Right now its 5 days, this will soon be raised to 10 days and eventually you'll have the normal 30 days derelict time out (or idle timeout). Figured I'd warn you because nothing is as annoying as coming back, only to find out you'd need to start all over.

    (and in case you think those 5 days is a bit short: true, the staff are already preparing to raise this to 10 days).

    So yeah ;)

    Welcome and I hope you're going to enjoy it here.
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  5. Welcome to EMC, make sure to login every 2-3 days in the first week as the derelict status is very short for new players initially, it will gradually go up to 30 days (also you can always vote). Enjoy your stay.
  6. Welcome to the Empire!
    We all probably seem pretty serious at times but we're all actually incredibly silly :p

    What server have you decided to call home?
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  7. Welcome to EMC! :)
  8. Hai there! Welcome to the Empire! :)

    Don't feel overwhelmed, in real life things are more important then a Video Game!

    I can help you build if you need any help. Just tell me what to build, and I'll do it! List of things I need to know if I'm going to build for you:
    • What Smp are you on?
    • What's your username?
    • Are you a mew player to the server and Minecraft?
    • How long do you think this would take?
    PM me the answers!

    In other words; welcome!
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  9. Hey, welcome to EMC! Always nice to some new pixels. If you have questions about anything MC or EMC, feel free to ask, by post, PM or ingame!
  10. Arrrggg Always good to see another matey join in. If ye must know, I'm Foxy and I'm 3.9 years old here on this server. I've played minecraft almost for 5 years. If ye have questions, remember to smack that message button down below.
  11. Welcome Chantie to the Empire, hope you will enjoy your stay! If you ever have any questions, plz feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help u out. :)
  12. I can welcome people too ;)
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  13. Welcome to the Empire Chantie!
  14. Welcome to EMC!

    If you need something to do, I have a tree farm at /v +tree on SMP8, I'll usually be there!
  15. Welcome to the Empire!
  16. Hi Chantie. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  17. wut
  18. Wow this is a very friendly group! Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I have already had adventures on this server - like wandering out into the Frontier with my entire newbie pack, and then once I was far away from spawn with night coming on realizing I didn't know how to get back. And learning about the map, finding my way back to spawn and seeing the floating mob guy who shoots arrows on the way, and running and hiding from him. Because. :)

    And of course the guilt of changing someones build/mine out there when I fell into a mine shaft and got lost trying to get out, and ended up having to mine my way out and take out two torches to do it. Still hoping I don't get banned for that! I don't think I will, everything seems reasonable. But I couldn't help the guilt spasms.

    Someone offered to build for me - thank you very much for your kindness! But I LOVE building, and already have an idea in mind for my build. I just need to gather materials. Which I plan on logging in to begin soon.

    I will definitely be voting, as well as perusing the forums, though I don't expect to be frequently posting here due to time constraints. I'm not worried about the derelict policy, I will be too active for that to be a concern.

    Edit: Also, it seems I am on smp 5. Had to figure out how to find that info.
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  19. Welcome to the Empire! So happy you are already having adventures!

    As far as the accidentally breaking someones torches is concerned, yes you are now banned. No, not really. :)
    In situations like that it is best to just replace the items as close to the way they were before as possible. Accidents happen. I can't tell you how many times I've been digging in the nether and I either dig down or up into someones nether track. I just replace the blocks and track and continue with my adventuring.

    Smp5 is a nice place, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Once again, welcome (to EMC) home. If you ever need anything please let me know on the forums or catch me in game.

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