Hello Empire!

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  1. Hey Empire Forumers..? Is that a thing.? Oh well, if it wasn't it is now. :D So my name is Brileigh.. it's pronounced like (bry-lee) And I am definetly a "GamerGirl" I love video games. I have all the xbox's, play stations, etc. But anyways minecraft is my FAVORITE video game other than GTA 5 and Saints Row 3 and 4. :p I started playing on the xbox, but the computer is so much better :rolleyes: So I hope that I make lots of new friends on this server, I'm quite friendly if ya get to know me :cool: Another thing about me, if I'm not playing on this server, I will be playing volleyball, basketball, or texting people :D Yea, so, bye
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  2. Hi :) Welcome to the empire!
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  3. Welcome to the empire! :D what server is your home server?
  4. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to ask the great community that makes the empire! :)
  5. E M O C L E W -- This might take you a while to understand!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire Brileigh, lots of nice people here. If you need any questions answered, just ask. Most importantly just have fun.
  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  8. Welcome to the empire!

    Ok, I do the retro gaming, so have to ask... You said 'all xbox and playstations'
    Including the old school ones? Any other consoles ya got?

    See ya around!