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  1. Hey fellow Empire Minecrafters! My name is LewCaz63, and I'm younger than what it says on my profile. Although I'm not new to EMC, I am new to the Forums, this is I think my 2nd or 3rd post. Many of you people who play on smp5 have probably seen me in game or seen my residence. I love to play Minecraft, even though it's not my favourite game. If you ever see me in game, don't hesitate to say "Hey Lew!".
  2. Why did you give in a wrong age? Nice that you are going on the fora!(or forums, whatever)
  3. hai, welcome to the forums! they are awesome! - you'll be addicted, trust me. i can't stay off of them for more than an hour. lol :p
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  4. We can kinda tell the whole age thing with that picture of yours.
  5. he looks to be 14-15
  6. Yeah I'm 14, I lied about my age because apparently to join EMC you need to be 13 and I was 12 when I joined.
  7. If you want it changed desperately you can contact Icecreamcow via PM and he will do it for you, but anyways, Welcome to the forums! :)
  8. I did that with so many things when I was 12...
    but welcome ^.^
  9. Hey there LewCaz, I think I have seen you on 5 plenty of times.
    Welcome to the forums :)
  10. Welcome to the forums! :p
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  12. So true. Welcome, Lew!
  13. Hello and Welcome!
  14. Thank you all! :D
  15. Wellcooommeeee to da forummssssss!!!
  16. W31C0M3 2 DA 4UMMZ/;)

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  17. Welcome to The forums!:cool: