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  1. Hey guys,
    I recently found out about a game called : Hearthstone.
    Its a new game by Blizzard, Its a CCG (collectible card game). The game is in closed beta right now.

    I have been trying to get a beta key for about 2 months now, But still no luck getting one. If anyone has a spare key, would you mind giving it to me?

    If you dont know the game you should definitly check it out!
  2. Just got my key 5 minutes ago, I'm so happy!
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  3. Sounds cool!
  4. Just curious, but why would you support Blizzard in any way?
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  5. (I'm not since I won't buy any packs with real cash :p)
  6. Its still publicity. :/ lol:p
  7. If anything i'll troll players (once I actually claim the code)
  8. You dont really like blizzard i suppose?

    Gratz ! Im still waiting :(
  9. How do you get a key?
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  10. you will need a account on battle.net , after that click on hearth stone and register for the beta.
    then you have a change to get a beta key. they will send a beta key wave once in a while.
  11. Do they just email it to you?
  12. Yes
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  13. Nahhh, I'd rather play Heroes of the Storm. Looks so much better!!!

  14. im defenitly going to play that game too , i already singed up for the beta! :D
  15. I would rather donate my house to EA than give a dollar to Blizzard lol.
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  16. The actual game play looks like Dota 2... unless i'm missing something
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  17. I'm a dota 2 fan, so thats not a problem :p

    LoL also looks like dota, but LoL requires less skill...
  18. Everyone his own taste :p i like the games from blizzard. Except for WoW that game is just way too expensive and there are much better games than that. (Like Gw2)

    Im a lol fan.. i dont like dota but i cant really say anything about that because i only played it once..
  19. why?