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  1. I have recently opened a restaurant in Smp1 called The Log Cabin in res 647. My proposal is that we should have the ability to set the health regeneration flag. That way in my res people's hunger bar can go down so that they can actually eat the food. I already tried to set the flag, but i didn't have permission so my proposal is that we can set this flag.
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  2. I like that idea, it is like having a cafe, much easier now, AND people will buy food!
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  3. Yes
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  4. I think it will boost business for all restaurants, not just mine, and i have plenty of food so ill be fine with hunger and stuff.
  5. Yeah, so make it like a firespread flag or something.
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  6. Exactly!
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  7. YEAH!
  8. Do you have sandwiches and ice cream? :p
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  9. Sneeker Approved. Thats ALL this should need to get by. Your welcome. :p
  10. :D EMC only have VANILLA items, so no mods that ads other items! :p
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  12. Lol. I almost crapped my pants again at this one.... XD
  13. Its an admin only privilage and town means for unlimited health
    food is meant for the wild/nether/end
  14. I realize its an admin only privilege and I fully respect the admins and don't think we should have all their privileges, however I do believe that we should be able to set THIS flag just so we can have places like restaurants that people can eat at.
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  15. Yes but it means town is unsafe
  16. *People sprinting around for food*
  17. In certain residences, yes, but why would you set a flag like this if it weren't for the specific reason of building a restaurant or something like that?
  18. I just thought of this: Someone would also be able to set up a survival game. An arena where everyone would look scavenge for food, and when their hunger bar runs out they could /home to regenerate. The last one to be in the arena wins. To play there would be a cost, say 15 rupees, however if you won you would get a diamond or something like that. A gambling game, that would actually require skill, however it would provide a break from the traditional maze, win diamond game.
  19. Your hunger bar does not regenerate in the streets of town. Fun Fact. You may be able to integrate this into your Food shop (Health still doesn't decrease from hunger damage)
  20. Idk about you but my hunger bar regenerates in my res.