Head Wall: Community Project

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  1. Hey guys!
    With the new wilderness update, there is a chance to drop your head upon death. I thought it could be a cool idea to take the heads of a bunch of players and collect them all in one place. I've decided to start Head Wall, a place where everyone can show off their severed head. If you want your head on the wall, bring it to 18434 on SMP9 and throw it in one of the hoppers near spawn. I will then place it on the wall, once completed, with a sign saying your name next to the head.
    Thanks for participating :D
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  2. I'll come drop one off later tonight, this is a cool idea :) Thats on smp9 right?
  3. Give me a minute, I have some spares.
  4. Yes, smp9, I'll edit OP to say that
  5. creepy...... but cool idea lol
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  6. This is cool! :)
  7. Bumpity bump bump! So far we have 3 heads including mine. Anyone else?
  8. I'll do it, but I will inform you that there are only 2 Adderwolf71 heads in existence, and this will be the third....
    Only brickstrike, soon you, and I own a head. :p
  9. OK! Thanks! And it's not really mine, as I'm not going to use it, simply display it for everyone to see.
  10. I'm gonna drop off my head in a minute. I forgot that when i was creating this skin i put a big yellow smiley face on the back. you cant see it because my hood is the outer layer, but on the block theres just a yellow face on the back xD
  11. Reading pretty much this whole thread out of context would be so weird. If I sever my head I will definately give it to you. To get one do I just repeatably die or is there some special way of doing it.
  12. I had this idea in mind... OH SNAP! CAN YOU READ MY MIND? :p Althought I did have this idea I was just going to make my own collection not a community collection so coolz :D
  13. Just repeatedly die. I jumped off a wasteland outpost about 5 times before i got mine
  14. My head is now in the hopper. D:
  15. Thank you for your sacrifice. I will put it up soon.
  16. My head is in the hopper :D
  17. Bump! Come on guys it'll look amazing when it's done! Severed heads for everyone!
  18. ill get on it as a resident of smp9:)