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Do you have my head?

Yes 9 vote(s) 24.3%
No, but I wish I did 28 vote(s) 75.7%
  1. The first question is related to the 7/17 drop party.
    How many 7/17 purple Krysyy heads were dropped during the event?

    Secondly, I would like to know how many of my own heads have been distributed, given away, sold, etc. over the course of time.
    You can post or vote if you happen to be one of the lucky owners of the Lucky head. :cool:
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  2. I wish I had the head of the adorable pirate :p
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  3. There were purple krysyy heads?!
  4. There were 10 Purple Krysyyjane Heads dropped. They are renamed versions of my alt that has the purple skin.
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  5. Hm. I don't have your head but I don't wish I did. No poll option for me :(
  6. Only 10 of the new purple heads, huh? Wow. I should really hold on to it then because it's special like that. :p

    Also when it comes to my own head, I've lost a fair sum of them in battle at the pvp arenas. *looks at poll* So I know there are more than just 2 out there. My estimate is a full stack, but I could be wrong.
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  7. Bump
    I wonder if any owners of my head have more than just one.
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  8. I have your head, likely from PVP arena. It's on display on my res.
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  9. One of these? 2014-07-20_19.51.20.png
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  10. I have 72
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  11. One of those
    I'd believe it, but have my doubts. Show me later.
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  12. I want yeh head!!!
  13. I have one, you gave it to me ages ago xD
  14. That was back when it was black and white :p
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  15. don't think so actually, bit of green too
  16. I got one. I won it from a prize draw you held.
  17. would be nice to have one of those heads from the drop party for my upcoming display.....lol but anyways not sure if i got your head or not luckygreenbird. these are what i have so far and they are growing daily due to donations XD btw if and when u want to sell that head lemme know....you got my attention

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  18. Heads change with your skin, right? ;)