Haunted House Build Contest Winners

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  1. Some of you really know how to scare people =P

    The Winners Are:
    1st place - hashhog3000 :
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/65c83wgss7q89ce/Hauted House.zip?dl=0
    2nd place - Floh_Zirkus :
    Need consent to post link.
    3rd place - AlexChance :

    Honorable Mentions:


    Winners' prizes are at 3006 on smp2. Honorable Mentions will receive 10k a piece.
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  2. Yay! Congrats!
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  3. Congratz to all!! :)
    Can we get the download link to the houses or see them in any other way?
    I would like to explore them :)
  4. With the creators' permissions, I can post the download links for the winning submissions.
  5. Congrats to everyone!
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  6. congratz
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  7. DANGIt i didnt win but congrats to the people who did win :D i knew I wouldnt win my house is soo bad
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  8. congrats all! :D
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  9. Well done to all of those who put effort in and congratulations to all the winners! :)
  10. yay congrats hash!!
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  11. Great job, everyone! ;)
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  12. Wow, thank you so much, krysyyjane! :D I honestly did not expect to win. :p Congrats to all the other winners! :D
    Yes, you can go ahead and post the download link to mine if you like.
  13. definitely not me herpaderp
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  14. I'm fine with mine going up. And OMG I won!!!!! kind of
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  15. I wanna see them ;) Congratulations to everyone!
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  16. I entered the contest, not at all expecting to win. Good thing I didn't! All the publicity! No thanks! My Haunted House was more for laughs and something to do more than to scare people. Congrats to everyone who won and to the honorable mentions!!
  17. whoot! and congratz! to everyone who joined in the fun. =D .. and I also would love to check out peoples houses. Maybe there could be a forum where the folks that won/mentioned and also the ones who would just enjoy showing off their hard/fun work.. could post their links or just and address?
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  18. Pics or it didn't happen
  19. Congratulations to all of the winners! :) I'm sure that you all had spooktacular submissions. I can't wait to get my paws of some world download links so that I can experience the horrors of your houses myself! :)
  20. It quite obviously happened we may be able to get download links as 2 of them have ok'd it