-Happy Hour- (Dragon Egg Sale)

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  1. Hello EmpireMinecraft
    I have now sold a few dragon eggs, and i wish to sell MORE :D!

    Today you have to be fast, if you wanna be a Dragon Egg owner.
    They will be sold for 150,000rupees at SMP1Mall - /v 1112.
    You will find them at green floor at a sell chest.
    For now there will be 3 sold at 150,000. The rest i have (for now) will be sold at 250,000rupees

    Happy Buying!

    -=EDIT!=- All 3 Dragon Eggs was sold in UNDER 7 minutes! Stay tuned for more Dragon Egg sales.
  2. >Sale

    Not sure if bad sale, or if I'm really poor...
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  3. There have been sold around 10 eggs
    Mainly between 200 and 300k.
    I've sold one at 180k which is the cheapest (as i've heard of)
    Alex got some for free, but free is not really = a sale.
  4. Nice price for the dragon eggs. But i'm saving up for a couple of beacons. But I love your shop at 1112! I hang out there all the time when I have nothing else to do and get inspired by all the bright colors. :D
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  5. Edit: All 3 eggs have been sold.
    #How To Earn 450k in 8 minutes.
  6. Aww fudge I wanted a Dragon Egg.

    EDIT: My goal has been sitting there for a few months now.
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