HAPPY BIFDAY [Pugs giveaway]

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  1. So June 12th is my birthday!

    De's are my bestfriendss <3

    This year I am 9001 years old (Over 9000) - From shon14
    So pick a number 1-100 and you'll be entered to win up to a cetain amount of monies! (Drawing of numbers will be done on my birthday ((June 12th))
    1st place gets 25k
    2nd place gets 15k
    3rd place gets 7k
  2. 9 Heuheuheuheuhuehuehuehuehuehu i tinks u r beutimus n evre sigle way in da wowld andz i loe u tnx : Hehehe :p
  3. Needs more lense flare.

    12 please! Thanks, and happy bifday(?)!
  4. 2 plz... and happy birthday!
  5. 33 please and congrazzles and like your new profile pic :)
  6. 6 Please, And have a happy birthday! :)
  7. I whant in Jc, gimme any #, and mostly important...
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  8. omgeez hppy bday u lok wye yungr dn 90oo prbly 8999 or smthn lke dat
  9. Happy early birthday!
    3 pl0x
  10. zommmggg guuurl happeh be dai, i hop u haz a wundefol dai, #GURL, u is FABERLOUSSSS
    EDIT: 8D, 8{D, \o3o/
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  11. u no wt tme itiz?/////??/??// izza tme fr me 2 lke ol u psts
  12. 87 please:) Happy Birthday:)
  13. 16 please. Happy bifday!
  14. 66 pl0x
    Happy birthdayyyyyy
  15. can i get 21 happy b day!
  16. ZOMG JC I IZ IN DIS FOTO!!!!!1111!1!1!1
  17. o i almst frgts cn i pl0x haz # 56
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  18. 88 please! Happy birthday!