Happy 4th of July!

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  1. From all of us here at Empire Minecraft, we wish you and yours a happy and safe Independence Day!
    Enjoy your choice of 2 promotional items with /promo iday2018:

    • AMAREICA - White horse with random stats upon spawning. Shiny and Soulbound.
    • Independence Day Firework - Firework that explodes in random patterns of red, white and blue.

    Extras of each promo may be found in /shopworld for 20,180r each.

    Special note regarding firework promos:
    Prior to 2018, each 4th of July we released 2 promotional fireworks.
    2018 marks the discontinuation of the annual Empire Firework, 4th of July edition.
    The Independence Day Firework will continue to be released annually until further notice.
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  2. Happy 4th from Canada :)

  3. Happy 4th of July! I hope you all have a wonderful day :D
  4. Happy 4th of July
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  5. o.o someone buy a ton of those America horses! I want them...
  6. Happy 4th everyone! Please be safe (don't blow anything up too bad!)
  7. Pho, how come I cant PM you?
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  8. So since it’s a freedom horse, does that mean it will rebel, not do what we ask and try to escape?

    Happy 4th everyone :)
  9. Happy Independence Day!
  10. Happy Murica day! Enjoy dem fireworks ^-^
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  11. This is such a good Promo I love it!

    Krysyy I know you didn't do this magnificent steed promo just for me but I want to believe its for me :) Thanks you.
  12. I hope you guys didn’t overlook the fact it says the horse would have random stats. If you’d like to know what that entails, PM me and I can sum it up (of which you guys should be able to now, hopefully).

    Also one last thing, it would have been perfect if there was a blueish horse color that existed, that way we would have red (Chestnut), white (no duh), and blue xD
  13. Happy 4th! even though no one mentioned canada :[
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  14. Happy independance day :)

    Not that I care... :P
  15. Happy 4th everyone :)

    Wish that the promos were bundled :/
  16. Since this is a 4th of July thread, I can share a tiny historical thing here, right?

    The American Congress, despite their sympathy towards the British crown (they negotiated with the King instead of parliament and wanted to remain a colony under new terms because they actually liked him), fought against King George III. Here in the United Kingdom, King George III is known as 'the Mad King' because he had a mental illness caused by the blood disease porphyria (he was forced into a regency in 1810 because of it).

    In the Song of Ice and Fire series/the TV show Game of Thrones, the war that takes place twenty years prior to the main story was fought against a king known as 'the Mad King'.

    To the north of the United States, Canada is there. Canada is a cold and wintry place.

    The United States is the Kingdom of the North and you're all about to be invaded by white walkers. Please stay on the other side of the Atlantic (and Pacific) and keep the white walkers away from the rest of us. Thank you. Bye, America.
  17. Wish you all a happy 4th everyone! Be safe and have fun!