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  1. I've been looking around lately and due to may lack of knowledge on them I've been rather stuck lol.

    What would you guys recommend?
    What makes should I go for?
    What should I avoid?

    I'll be looking to spend around £200 I hope.
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  2. And the great Apple vs Android debate begins!
  3. I'd be amazed if anyone could recommend an apple phone for under £200 lol
  4. iPhone 6! :p
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  5. You know those £10 TESCO phones you could get...? :p

    The serious part:
    The cheapest phone I can think of right now is the OnePlus One. Its a great phone, but its just under £300 and you need an invite off someone who owns one to buy it.
    My other suggestion is getting a Sony Xperia Z/Z1/Z2 on contract. I pay about £10 a month for mine. The downside is I have to pay until May 2016, and my mum got the wrong phone, so I can't buy a new phone for another year and a half :p
    Its up to date though, so its fine.
    *iOS vs. Android ;)
  6. Something like an iPhone 4S is quite a decent phone and you can grab them easily under £200. Perhaps closer to £100 in some cases! My mate bought one a couple of months ago and it does exactly what he wants it to do and more. I've known others that owned them in the past and they never had a problem.

    There seems to be a great division between the iPhone and the Samsung (Apple and Android) but I find that both of them are good. I have had both in the past and liked both of them. The Sony Xperia Miro I had was nice but it managed to get its power button stuck to the point where the only thing you could see was "Do you want to turn off?" and it would not go away. If you pressed cancel, it came back up, and if you pressed turn off and then turned it on again, the message just kept coming up.

    But in most cases, there is no problem with either - I would buy either Apple or Android, others may disagree with me but I personally find no particular problems. What do I recommend? Well, as I am using an Apple right now and it has been going smoothly for a year now (iPhone 5), I'd recommend one of the similar iPhones to it... The 4S perhaps. But when it comes down to it, choose something which you know will do what you want it to do. If you want a decent camera, get an iPhone or Samsung with a high quality camera. My 5 has a decent one, it's not the best but it is decent. If you have friends with iPhones then I find that having one makes it easier too - I can send messages for free to people with iPhones by using iMessage so that's cool! Samsung may have a similar system. Anyways, I feel I shouldn't make this much more of an essay, just go with what you feel you need from your phone and has mostly good reviews :p
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  7. Did mean to mention, nothing on contract as I would be using PAYG.
    I don't like the idea of buying the phone and still be paying for it a year or two after.
    I also found this;
    It's under £200 (just :p) and the specs seem good, what do people think of Sony's phones?
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  8. a would say one plus one if anyone knows that
    but it costs a bit more then what your looking for and it's a pretty big phone
    but i is one of the best i find
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  9. Why do you want a smartphone?
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  10. You Sir have style and knowledge! Also, you can get the One Plus One off of Amazon without an invite :p
  11. Go android, idevices are very limited...
  12. iphone 7
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  14. I had the option between the S4 Mini and the S3, and even though the S3 is older I went for it since the specification is actually higher than the S4 Mini.
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  15. You could get a flip phone for
    £5, and then have
    £195 to add some more ram to your computer

    Sorry it came out weird :rolleyes:
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  16. Why do they when you can download more RAM? ;)
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  17. What would you guys recommend? OnePlus One
    What makes should I go for? OnePlus
    What should I avoid? iPhone
    Amazing phone. I have one and it's awesome. The negative reviews about it aren't true anymore as OnePlus have fixed them. If you have any questions shoot me a PM :) PS: I did have invites but they expired :p
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  18. Oneplus One :)

    Will have a spare invite after Christmas if wanted.
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  19. OnePlus One friends <3
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  20. I've seen a lot of people mentioning the OnePlus One, I've had a look at it on Amazon too and the reviews are great. Why is everyone suggesting this phone though? :p

    Also, lots of people seem to be shooting down the iPhone, I don't even see why... I've never had a problem with mine, but I guess that's just me :) I'm not too bothered when it comes to phones though, I just buy what I think I'll need and what is best for me :)
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