Haha What Happend :D?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Faithcaster, Aug 24, 2012.

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    Any Ideas What Happend :O ?
    I Started This Superflat For Making Something Secret.

  2. Faiths_dog was there too...
  3. hmmm extreme lag or somehow you turned off water flow?
  4. I was more thinking, why did that thing show up :D ?
  5. The map you created was with a seed of flatmap, than the seed changed to normal map, am I right?
  6. It's a false chunk.
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  7. Was this single player or bukkit?

    A world cant just generate a chunk like that as a visual glitch. the server had to render it, but if the world type is flat, if a chunk generates as non flat thats a serious bug.
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  9. This is a fairly common glitch with Single player - I've seen it in my super flat survival - You just have to ignore them.
  10. I just though it was fun :D

    I choosed to have a TNT party at the " thingy "
  11. Or spend a week manually digging it..
  12. That sir, is a good idea.