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  1. This is a guide for players who are having trouble getting kills in EMC's PVP arenas..

    -Jump attack for critical hits

    -Block with a sword to not take any damage from arrows
    -Side step/circle your enemy (Suggested by 8comimi and 72Volt)
    -Use third person mode [F5] (Suggested by Reindeer_)
    -Hold left Ctrl to move faster in the water
    -Swim the bottom of the water to survive arrows

    -Use enderpearls to escape near death situations (Suggested by bitemenow15)
    -Use potions (Suggested by Bro_im_infinite and LuckyPat)
    -Use shiny flesh [For teh noobs] (Suggested by Importerer and xI_LIKE_A_PIGx

    Suggest a tip for this guide ? :3
  2. enderpearls are your best friend when getting peppered by arrows
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  3. i find potions helpful in the art of survival.
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  4. Splash potions of healing and Fire Resistance 8:00 are my favourite type to use.
  5. Third person playing ftw
  6. Teh suggestion have be added..
  7. When you want to attack someone, always sprint at them. Once you hit them and they're knocked back, run at them again to attack. Time is precious in battle, do not waste it walking towards someone to hit them.

    If your weapon of choice is a sword, hit your target from below.
    If your weapon of choice is a bow, strike your target from above. Choose a good position which is difficult to get to, and keep an eye on those trying to compromise your position.
  8. you become near unkillable after eating shiny flesh because of the regen.
    list times!
    dont use knockback on swords, a simple sharpness V, fireaspect II sword will kill much better if you can take the damage.
    get a bow with infinity, no durability loss makes this a must have enchant.
    keep shiny flesh and fire potions on hand for emergencies.
    continually jumping in combat is a very good idea, mainly because of critical hits happening more often during falling.
    learn to sidestep, a very good way of avoiding damage from players with a faster connection than you is coming at them sideways or diagonally, it is also harder to track a player moving sideways towards you with your bow drawn.
    thorns on armor is also very helpful as it will help deter larger groups of players and less armored players from hitting you too often, full thorns armor will kill an unarmored playing with a diamond sword in roughly 3 rebounds.
  9. Shiny flesh makes you practically invincible...
  10. What I like to do is circle around the player giving you maybe 3 to 5 hits on them before they can hit you back. Blocking while swinging your sword also helps as well. (To do this right and left click at the same time.) You take less damage from the opponents sword while you still do normal damage to the player. Also, if splash potions that can harm can be used in the arena, I suggest poison potions. :D Just make sure not to poison yourself... :p
  11. *Update* Made the things cleaner and add teh suggestions
  12. *Make sure to eat- saturated regen in MC can play a large part in how long you can last at a time.

    Bow: If you can help it, don't just hide behind barriers. If a good archer sees you hiding, they'll be able to take a few shots at you if you peek put. If you get stuck in a situation like this. Running out a few blocks then shooting and continuing to run will help.

    If I think of anything else I'll edit this post.
  13. Blocking with sword does not prevent all damage.
  14. Holding control in the water does NOT make you move faster, it just uses up more food.

    Edit: for sword, try to circle around someone to make them not be able to see you and track your movement. They will not be able to hit you b
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  15. It doesn't? :eek: That's something I'll have to test, thanks for telling us.
  16. Actually, its like running, it waste hunger faster,but makes you move faster...
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  17. Wait, blocking with a sword blocks arrow damage completely??
  18. Depends on the bow,on skeletons is does not do any damage
  19. No it does not. I tried with better sprint mod in 1.6 and HUDini. It just makes you think you are moving faster.
    Not true, only if the arrow hits your sword will it bounce off.