Guess who's alternate?

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  1. Hmm.. I wonder who's alternate this is... Shouldn't be too hard XD
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  2. Um... I actually have no idea XD
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  3. Definitely not someone from around smp5:rolleyes:
  4. heyaroo?
  5. *Cough* heyaroo *cough*
  6. Tizzle is that you? <_<
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  7. Mad father, i see
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  8. Fo shizzle, lol jk jk
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  9. shhh <.< >.> its not the place for that, hehe :p
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  10. OH I KNOW. Are you ... hmm ayaroo bayaroo, cayaroo, dayaroo, eyaroo, fyaroo, gyaroo, agh. I give up.
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  11. lol. i made a thread about Mad Father.
  12. Aww, i was going to say hayroo. :p
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  13. It's me LOL!
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  14. Yay I'm talking to myself :D
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  15. Yay, it's not Jack for once…>.>
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  16. It could still be Jack, me. I also like talking to myself.
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  17. So it wasn't Notch? :(
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  18. You are me!
  19. And I'm Yu! No not me, you. Yes I'm Yu.
    What's your name? Mi! He's Mi and I'm Yu lollolololol
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