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  1. I have a group (not accepting any more members :p) who si building a guardian farm. The problem is that there are so many designs...

    This farm does 15k items in vanilla (about 4k on EMC per hour).

    It has a thorough tutorial and very good instructions.
    However, Docm77's farm makes 100k/HR in vanilla (about 25k/hr EMC)

    Docm77's video on the other hand is more of a showcase instead of a tutorial.

    Do you have a design you are working on? Have you made a tutorial on how to make one or know of a good tutorial? Do you have any tips for my group and I?

    Please Share. :)
  2. I would go with the second one. It produces more and if you research that design more you could possibly find a better video on how to make it.
  3. Trust me, I have been researching like crazy. Any video that shows this farm is a showcase.
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  5. for simplicity, the first one... amused I am exactly the same as you, i have seen every tutorial out there, currently have 10 DCs of sand and glass and 8 Dcs of stone for my guardian farm.. I am looking for people to help me... but I would love to do the 2nd one but I would love a comprehensive tutortial.

  6. Well the first one is simple, but it isnt enough for 6 people to share drops from. @25k DPH, we can all share easily.
  7. 1rst one, and when Its built i want to know what title cost to have access to it
  8. No access will be given to anyone other than the one's in my group.
  9. A
    Awwww, was ready to offer over 100k :(
  10. There is nothing fancy about the second one. It is in fact much simpler which is why they don't feel the need for a tutorial.

    Similar to squid farms it just creates a massive spawning area and lets them drop. If they drop 34 blocks they die (this will need testing in emc). The quicker they die, the more that can spawn and this is partly why it it produces more per hour. The other methods are slower killing them.

    So after clearing the monument and doing the outer walls you build a layer of signs (thats about 4096 signs, 64x64) at layer 57 leaving 4 layers for the spawning (58-61). Build walls so that there are rows 2 blocks wide (this is needed for downdraft). Fill layer 60 with dirt. Fill layer 61 with standing water, you should know how to do this (they use dispensers to be able to turn this on/off, can be retro-fitted later if needed). Remove layer 60 dirt. Watch as you are inundated with falling guardians. Note, the water source blocks should only be at the top layer, they will spawn in the falling water in addition to the souce blocks and the falling water will push them down (until Mojang changes it to squid behaviour and they ignore the current).

    Finally, work out a way to pick up the loot from a 4096 block area. I do not recommend 4096 hoppers although I will happily come visit one to marvel at it. My squid farm uses a minecart system where the carts pick up the loot as they travel along the rail sucking the stuff off the slab above. A better way for this size might be a washing system where the loot is washed to a centre channel from both sides using a piston based setup and then into hoppers or the minecart.

    At least, that's what I saw in the vid.